Creando Azul


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released May 25, 2018


all rights reserved



DEZORAH Mc Allen, Texas

DEZORAH is a post progressive band from McAllen, TX. In the years following their first release Tierra Eterna , the bands' musical style has evolved to feature aggressive, charging drums and bass, distorted and melodic guitars and a blend of gloomy and eager vocal melodies that reflect high energy and burying anxiety. The band's sophomore release, Creando Azul, is set to release May 2018. ... more

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Track Name: In Weight
I offer you
the vastness of my being
A depth profound
thriving eternally
A consciousness
that crave to be illuminated by the rays that cast their light in you
For this I call you to me

I offer you
a wondrous beginning
I offer you
My spine and spume to carry you, as overwhelming soul,
to breathe through me and embody the very essence of my

For this I call to you
Through this I breathe for you
All this I give to you
All this I give for you
Track Name: Aware
I am aware of my abyss
a crimson void growing within
But I dream I'm sinking into blue
It pulses through my veins
entrancing all my pain

But I'm aware
that I'm slowly fading
between my unfathomed misery
I'm waiting for the blue
but crimson holds on to me

I am aware that all my skin
is withering towards the abyss
But I dream I'm radiating blue
gleaming from the wounds
that crimson once left

But I'm aware

I'm aware I'm fading
I'm afraid I'm fading

Sueño de mi vida
Azul y Divina
Track Name: Intención
My breath rises and recedes
dispersing through the stale air
My thoughts confined by these cold walls
what has my life become?

One day I will wake up
Peel my flesh off of the floor

My heart searching for a purpose
A moment of clarity
With closed eyes i'm rushing towards the currents
washed by a sense of belonging

One day I will wake up
peel my flesh off of the floor
and I'll attempt
to recreate what has only existed

In my dreams
Track Name: To Be
Am I drowning
from the weight that lingers in my mind?
Distressed, silent
Unable to untangle what's inside
I finally scream to welcome salt
cleansing out the chaos formed within
Surging throughout my throat
My voice is ascending

To be alive
I'll embrace this suffering
To be alive
I'll transform my suffering

Am I conscious?
Awakened by the burning in my lungs
Am I closer
to what the water hoped I would become?
I sense I'm healing now
and gaining the ability
to live
to feel
to be
through the end that ascending

To be alive
I'll embrace this suffering
To be alive
I'll transform my suffering

the end is near
Track Name: Claridad
Ojos desvelados
ven la eternidad
que vive en la arena
lentamente caminando
lentamente suspirando

As I trudge through sand
lost in ruminations
I hear a faint call
that lures me towards you,
a place I've yearned for,
where you whisper,
Wash it away

I see your blue embrace
slowly closing in
as I move closer

My soul shatters
reborn through you to

Wash it away


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